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How the system works

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An UltraAirVent is used in each room to be controlled. If the temperature is outside the desired room temperature range, the UltraAirVent will automatically request action from the Central Air Unit, and open or close to maintain the perfect temperature.

One small device called the Hub is plugged in somewhere in the house and it passes information between all the rooms and a Central Air Unit Controller. The Hub can also be plugged into the USB port of a PC to set up or monitor the system.

A hand held Temperature Sensor is used in each room with an UltraAirVent. It can be kept near you for more accurate comfort in a large area and can also be used to alter the desired temperature range for its room. An optional movement sensor allows the room to be activated based on someone's presence in the room.

PC software allows the system to be easily configured. Name each room and give it its own temperature range, and when it should be controlled. Different configurations can be set for different times of the year, or special cases like vacation or holidays.

Once set up, a PC is not required because the system runs by itself.

If desired a low cost Netbook or Tablet PC can be used to provide constant status. Remote access can also be accomplished via Wi-Fi or internet with free PC remote access software.

Altogether the system works to give each room the ultimate in comfort. You will also find that since the air is intelligently controlled, your central air will be on for less time, providing the ultimate in energy savings every month.

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