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Selecting an UltraAirVent

Take off the old vent cover and measure the size of the rectangular hole. The width and the height of the hole will determine the size of UltraAirVent you select.

Next, there are two types of UltraAirVent for each size. The normal and the RA version.

The normal UltraAirVent is required when

The vent hole is at least 5 inches deep, and there is a round hole inside in the back

The RA UltraAirVent is required when

The inside of the vent hole is just flat in the back, and the hole is only about 4 inches deep.


Selecting the other UltraAirVent components

Temperature Sensor

Select one Temperature Sensor for each room with one or more UltraAirVent(s).

You may optionally buy the Temperature and Movement Sensor instead. It offers the added ability to activate the room when movement is detected. The room can then be setup to keep the room disabled unless someone is in the room, and then keep it enabled for a selected time.


Select one USB Hub. Only one is needed in the home.

Central Air Unit Controller

Select one Central Air Unit Controller, for each Central Air System in the home. It will replace your existing thermostat.

Normally there is only one Central Air System except in very large homes.

If you have multiple thermostats in the house but only one Central Air System, you still only need one Central Air Unit Controller.

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